CAS: 497-76-7

 (arbutoside;ursin;uvasol;hydroquinone β-D-glucopyranoside)


Chemistry name: To - hydroxyl benzene - beta -D- glucopyranose glucoside;

Molecular weight: 272.25;

Outward appearance: White acicular crystal;

Melting point: 198-201 ;

Suggests the amount used: 3-7%.

The arbutin widely applies to the cosmetics, domain and so on drugs manufacture. In the cosmetics, to the skin can highly effective beautiful Bai Quban, gradually desalinate, the skin freckle, Huang Heban, the melanin is calm, the acne and the old age spot. The characteristic is does not have the toxicity, the irritating quality, sends the sensitivity, has the security and the stability to the ultraviolet ray illumination, has good with the cosmetics various components, is advantageous to realizes beautifully white, dispels the spot, guarantees wet, is soft, dispels the wrinkle, the sterilization effect. Burns the medicine raw material as the fever, The arbutin is the new fever burns the medicine principal constituent, the characteristic is fast stops pain, the sterilization strength strong, the rapid elimination is inflamed, heals quickly, does not keep the scar. Uses the medicine raw material as the intestinal tract sterilization: The sterilization, the sterilization effect are good, non-toxic side effect.

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