Natural borneol


Natural borneol

Is one kind of pure natural plant withdraws the traditional Chinese medicine, does not contain to the human body harmful different borneol ingredient, its drug efficacy (synthesis borneol and natural laevo-rotatory borneol) is better than other borneol. Usually it is the white powder or the laminated shape crystallizes, it is mad the delicate fragrance, taste Xin, is cool, painstakingly, Yi Rongyu solvent and so on ethyl alcohol, does not dissolve to the water. Qualitative index: Melting point 204--209 ratio revolves +35--+38 content above 98%. Mainly treats: Passes Zhu Qiao, disperses Yu Huo, the sterilization stops pain saprophytially, myo-, goes to the nebula clear vision, puts on make-up to improve looks, to use in to hit the gusty area to keep silent, the startled epilepsy phlegm confuses, the mouth eye is crooked, item red, the gas shuts disease and so on god dusk.


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